Quality Waterproof mattresses and bases at affordable prices
Kingsize mattress £160. With base £200
Double mattress £125. With base £165
Small double mattress £125. With base £165
Singles mattress £90. With base £120

Single headboard in (brown/black) £13
Double headboard in (brown/black) £16
Small double headboard in (brown/black) £16
Kingsize headboard in (brown/black) £20

Designed for use in commercial and hospitality establishments, the Rochester small double is manufactured to Crib 5 specifications that go further than those required for domestic use.

Offering a medium support, the mattress contains a foundation of durable open coil springs, topped off with several layers of fillings that provide a smooth and comfortable surface.

For an extra level of hygiene, its waterproof cover can be easily cleaned with anti-bacterial cleaning agents, reducing the risk of bacterial and fungal infections in those that are bed-bound.

For long-lasting comfort and support, we recommend that you rotate the mattress and flip regularly. A solid top deep base divan provides a firm platform for the mattress.

Please note: Headboards are sold separately